Are you overwhelmed by feelings of emotional and mental tension?

This was me 14 years ago. Moving from South africa to the UK was certainly an adventure, with my husband and 2 little kids. Being in a new country for over 4 years, I thought my heartache of missing our parents, family and friends would get easier. Oh no it didn't. I was rolling down my spiral of life with no brakes. I knew I was coming crashing down. The S.A.D thug invaded my life. I called the Stress, Anxiety & Depression I experienced, a THUG because it was stealing my happiness. That was the day, I tapped into my inner strength and rose back up again. I invested in myself by getting help and understanding the knowledge behind my feelings and emotions. My NLP and clinical hypnotherapy career began. When I changed, it had a rippled effect on my family.

Life began to change. I took back control!

Stress is a vicious hurdle in most peoples' lives. Even the rich and famous, at times, fail to address their stress until depression sets in. Stars like Whitney Houston, Amy Winehouse and Robin Williams were all victims of the S.A.D thug. Their emotions and pain were so deep rooted , that fighting back was a challenge. However, you can take back control. When you have the right tools and change those negative feelings of 'I'm not good enough!' The tools and methodology in this course are used daily with my clients as a Rapid Transformational & Clinical Hypnotherapist.

Only £49.95

Cost of a meal for two

This 3.5 hr online course is skilfully designed so that you can change from deep within yourself which is the heart of your thoughts and emotions. This fantastic courses teaches the tools I use with my clients. When I work 1-1 with my clients, it costs between £525 for a 30 day therapy package. Now you get the same tools and knowledge for just £49.95. On any day of every month, you can access the course and work through this practical online course, where you can free yourself of stress, that is slowly breaking you down. Yes, and you can do it in 30 days! When healing is seeded in the unconscious mind it becomes long lasting.

Get Ready to ...

Dig deeper, learning about yourself and by the end of the course you will be able to...

  • Define and assess the levels of stress in your life

  • List and describe the effects of stress on your mind and body

  • Rewire your mindsets by listening to a powerful hypnosis, transformation audio & meditation daily

  • Identify the benefits of eliminating stress from your life

  • Master practical tools to eliminate stress from your lives and take back control of your happiness and success

  • Build your confidence and self -worth by getting rid of stress in your life

How awesome is that?

You will be able to take back control by understanding your life stress and use the tools to change it immediately.

  • Bonus 1: My Ebook- The The 8 Game- Changer, Stress Relievers

    The 8 Game Changer Stress Relievers which is all about the techniques I have been using for many years on myself and my clients to manage and eliminate Life Stress. (worth £9.99)

  • Bonus 2: Q & A session on zoom

    I host a group 45 min Q & A, every month, for all of my students, while you are on the course, to answer any questions related to their stress healing. (worth £175)

  • Bonus 3: A Private Facebook Group

    This will be a safe space to journal your feelings and to get the support of other students. I will also be popping in and out of the group to answer questions or leave my thoughts. (This is priceless)

An Additional Bonus

Enrol Now and at the end of the course you will get a chance to work with me, 1-1, for Deeper Inner Healing, over zoom video at a superb discounted rate. The 30 Day Rise & Shine toolkit is £395 (discounted to £335) And the Dig Deeper Inner Programme is £565 (now for £530)

Course overview

  • 1

    Module 1: Defining & Understanding Stress

    • Course Overview

    • Course WORKBOOK- Manage Life Stress Successfully!

    • Lesson 1: What is Stress?

    • Lesson 2: How do you know that you are suffering with Stress?

    • Lesson 3 : How do our thoughts create patterns in our thinking & behaviour

  • 2

    Module 2: Cause and Effect

    • Lesson 1: How does stress lead to distress?

    • Lesson 2: What are the common stress triggers?

    • Lesson 3: Do you C.O.P.E with Stress?

    • Lesson 4: Your spiral of Life

    • End of Module 2

    • Audio for the Meditation: Emptying the Stress Box

  • 3

    Module 3: Effects of Stress on the Mind, Body and Soul

    • Introduction & Lesson 1

    • Lesson 2: The 3 Parts of the Brain

    • Lesson 3: How does Stress affect the Immune System?

    • Lesson 4: The 7 Ways Stress affects the energy points (Chakras) of the body

    • Lesson 5: The 5 Habits that are stress induced

    • End of Module 3

  • 4

    Module 4: Self Management of Stress with the 4D Formula

    • Lesson 1: Introduction & What is the 4D formula?

    • Lesson 2: Tools to reduce and get rid of stress

    • Lesson 3: Seven ways to Chronic Stress

    • Lesson 4: My 11 Practical Management strategies to get rid of Stress

    • Lesson 5: Upgrade the Child

    • Lesson 6: End of Module 4 and closing message

Client Love

Alice D.

Dunstable, UK

"Making that call to Nirasha, changed my life. It gave me self belief and confidence and it taught me how to see life as it is...any drama is created in my mind. I loved the hypnosis because it helped me get rid of my negativity that was bring me down. a big Thank you."

Sophie H

Milton Keynes

"Nirasha Thank you for giving me my confidence and self worth back. I didnt realise how much my stress was affecting my job. Your knowledge of developing leaders and the techniques of believing in myself has tremendously helped me. I feel like a whole new person."

Priya R.


Before my therapy with Nirasha, I was anxious very often, almost every day, when doing day to day activities. I lacked self confidence and was scared to do things I enjoyed. However, now I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulder. I'm more confident than I'd ever been. I rarely feel stressed and anxious and if I do, I use the techniques taught to me to bring myself back and tale my negative feelings away. It really helped me alot when studying and in tests. I would definitely recommend Nirasha's services.



"Thank you Nirasha. I am so grateful to you. My stress was affecting my wife from falling pregnant. We had been trying to start a family for years. My work stress and personal stress was affecting the quality of my sperms. After eliminating the stress and using the hypnosis to heal my body, my wife was pregnant within two months after seeing Nirasha. I can't thank her enough. "

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Choose your freedom over your emotions. Stress can hold you hostage and sabbotage your life. Be free of it in just 30 days. Click this link below!

Course Creator

Get to know me !

Course Creator

Nirasha Ramlugan

Moving from South Africa, the country I was born in, to the UK came with alot of emotional baggage. Missing family, wishing for the warm sunshine and being in a new country was slowly descending me on my spiral of life. I had to stop and remind myself that these feelings were only temporary. I had this innate urge to empower myself and become stronger. My strength would not only allow me to rise above whatever I was feeling but also allow me to be a more productive, creative and brilliant teacher and mum. My journey started there... and my company, Just Simply Change- Mindset Transformational Coaching took birth. Being in Education and Training, I used my passion to learn about human behaviour in both adults and children. The way we think, affects our actions. Marisa Peer, RTT founder, explains that 'Behind every habit of action there is a habit if thought. If you want to change the habit, you have to first change the thought.' I believe that this is the stepping stone to a life of success. Just Simply Change is a new type of Hypnotherapy and Mind Coaching practice that uses modern dynamic therapies available to help you achieve fast and long lasting change. In creating my courses, I use these techniques to ensure that my students have a holistic experience whilst learning and transforming. So, whatever the barrier is, my online courses help you to peel away old limiting beliefs that help you to ...JUST SIMPLY CHANGE. ​My Qualifications: ​*Masters in Education-Strategic Leadership & Management -University of Bedfordshire-UK *Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT)- presently training with the Marisa Peer Method *Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) & Hypnosis Master Practitioner - Paul Mckenna Training and I trained in NLP from the most brilliant trainers, Michael Neil, John La Valle, Paul Mckenna and Dr. Richard Bandler, the master and co-creator of NLP himself. *Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy- London College of Clinical Hypnosis *Branding & Marketing Masterclass - Unlimited Success *Mindfulness based Cognitive Behavioural Therapy - Advanced Diploma *Public Speaking Graduate from Andy Harrington's Public Speaking University *Reiki Master I published my first book, Smiling Freedom on Amazon in December 2019. This book is all about getting rid of emotional baggage so that you can reach success and happiness. I use a unique combination of advanced Hypnotherapy, RTT, Neuro-linguistic programming, Mindfulness, CBT and many more, to help you experience the happiness and freedom you deserve. I include these techniques in my courses. So whether your wish is to eradicate an unwanted habit or behaviour, to gain relief from a specific emotional issue, to simply have more self-confidence to make those all-important changes in your life or grow your business/ company through improving staff well being, we can help! If you would like to evaluate and strategise change in your company, through developing leadership or staff, then I can HELP you. From 1-1 or small teams of leadership coaching to whole staff training, contact us to see how we could set you up for success through modern dynamic methods of Transformation coaching. Check out my social media channels. I host the Smiling Guru Podcast and have alot of free content on youtube. So click on the links below and subscribe and like. I'm excited to be on this learning journey with you. Learn, Grow and find your Success. Keep smiling Nirasha