Are you feeling Weighted Down?

Emotional baggage can do that to you!

I am proud to present my first book, Smiling Freedom. Our emotional baggage is far heavier than the baggage we take on holiday. Hauling this weight around delays us from reaching our destination of self-love and inner confidence. Smiling Freedom captures the journeys of eight unique individuals, who learnt how to overcome the challenges in their life that had stolen their happiness. It is an interactive, practical book with space to log the changes you experience as your mind begins to unfold into new paths of self-actualisation. Through the hypnosis recordings, reconnect to your inner self, renewing and rebuilding your life.

It is the Blueprint to Surfing the Inner-Net!

Take back control over your mind and invoke your own Smiling Freedom. As an Expert in mental and emotional health and well being I have included my best tips and tools that I use with my clients for rapid results. In this book, you have the Smiling Guru's music playlist to get the serotonins pumping. You will also have access to listen to hypnosis recordings to kickstart the transformation directly in the unconscious mind. It's not just a book. It is a place where you can journal your healing journey, adopting tools that will embed new habits. Now this is Smiling Freedom.

As you turn the pages...

  • your unconscious mind will start to imprint new ways of thinking

  • the hypnosis tools will begin to rapidly reprogramme your thoughts, leading to a shift in your perception of your world

  • change becomes not just a possibility but a true reality

About the Author

Nirasha Ramlugan

Born in South Africa, Nirasha Ramlugan began her own personal journey of transformation when she moved to the United Kingdom with her husband and two children in 2002. Having suffered the loss of her dear dad when she was only 19, a heart-wrenching miscarriage and intense sadness at leaving her homeland, family and friends behind, she felt burdened under a huge weight of emotions. Change was crucial. Being an educator ignited a lifelong passion to acquire an understanding of the cognitive processes of people. Nirasha accelerated her mental and emotional wellbeing through spiritual wisdom and personal development. Completing a Diploma in Hypnotherapy, skilled in NLP, trained in Rapid Transformational Therapy and a Masters in Strategic Leadership & Management, have endorsed Nirasha to inspire and elevate the lives of others. Through bespoke personal and corporate coaching, she has rewired mind-sets, inspired transformation, sustained core values and empowered communities to triumph.